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Pain Oil/Soothing Oil by Vedic Aura - 200 ml

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Description: The Vedic Aura Soothing Oil is a blend of real Ayurvedic herbs which removes all aches and pains from your body!

Ingredients that work on each step together, help relax sore muscles & joints. A good massage on your neck, joints, and muscle pains can work wonders for your spasms.

And the value that we most cherish is that the Vedic Aura Soothing Oil is free of silicones, paraben, mineral oil, dyes & any harmful toxins!


  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Increases the flexibility of muscles, tissues & joints.
  • Neem & fenugreek has natural pain-relieving properties which reduce joint pain, neck pain, muscle aches & muscle spasms.

Composition: Sesame, Clove, Jayfal, Neem, Fenugreek