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Face Glow Soap by Vedic Aura - 50 gm

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About this item

  • VEDIC AURA FACE GLOW SOAP – Enriched with a high grade of Saffron with exotic herbs & oils that ensure giving you flawless skin.
  • TREATS ACNE/PIMPLE/BLEMISHES – It cleanses your face pores deeply and gently treats Acne/Pimples. It also lightens away the pigmentation marks, spots, and blemishes.
  • GIVES ONE SHADE LIGHTER SKIN – Saffron, a timely tested herb that gives your skin a natural glow helps to give a brightening effect naturally. 
  • HYDRATES YOUR SKIN – Rich in aloe vera and olive oil keeps skin soft, supple and improves skin health. "
  • Removes tan & exfoliates your skin


Acne/pimples, dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation are the major reason for dull-looking skin. Face glow soap fades away all the flaws and gives one shade of lighter skin. 

Saffron strands increase blood circulation, lightens the skin shade

Sandal acts as an astringent, tones and rejuvenates skin

Camphor fades spots and marks

Turmeric oil being antifungal, anti-bacterial in nature keeps skin healthy and gives natural growth