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Aloe Vera Gel by Vedic Aura - 100 gm

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Benefits: Say H-Aloe to Vedic Aura’s amazing hydration formula, the very nourishing Vedic Aura Aloe Vera Gel. It is crafted with the help of real Aloe Vera and helps provide the necessary moisture to your skin. Plus, it does not leave your skin feeling sticky.

The value that we most cherish is that the Vedic Aura Aloe Vera Gel is free of silicones, paraben, mineral oil, dyes & any harmful toxins!

  • It opens the skin pore & attracts moisture.
  • It helps in the regeneration of new skin cells & hence prevents wrinkles.
  • Treats dark spots, acne & blemishes.
  • Can be used on a cut or burnt skin.
  • Can be mixed with any face pack for better results.

Composition: Aloe Vera, Purified Water, Carbopol, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl & Glycerine