Vedic Aura Baby Lotion


For rash free skin

The tender baby skin requires natural and gentler solution. Vedic Aura Baby Lotion is packed with emollients, attracts moisture and keeps the tender skin hydrated for longer duration.

Enriched with Shea butter and Kokum butter prevents the soft skin from getting diaper rash. Moringa oil, Sesame oil and Almond oil helps to protect and heal baby's skin. Vit E and multivitamins keeps the skin healthy.


Vedic Aura Baby Shampoo

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Tiny hands, tiny feet, cute little happy faces and cluttered hair.

All kids enjoy playing outside in clay and grass. But such happy playtime can leave their hair in messy state due to outside dirt and germs. Not just outside playing children but infants also need hair treatment as they may get rash on scalp or Cradle cap which is a common inflammatory condition of that affects many new born babies. The recommended treatment for all these ailments is gentle head massage and washing scalp with gentle shampoo.  Vedic Aura Baby Shampoo is a proactive & gentle care product specifically designed for infants and children below 10 years of age. Free of harmful artificial chemicals and oils, it is enriched with Vitamin E which nourishes hair and oat oil which cures cradle cap and flaky scalp while the almond oil and glycerin in the shampoo aids hair growth and helps hair get shinier and softer.

Gentle and effective, Vedic Aura Baby Shampoo is perfect companion for infants and active kids.

Vedic Aura Baby Soap


For cleansing and conditioning baby's tender skin

Soft and Tender skin needs gentle cleansing and deep nourishment. Vedic Aura Baby Soap gently cleanses the skin. The richness of herbal oils and butter keep the skin moisturized for longer duration.

Free from paraben, mineral oil and alcohol makes it safe on application on gentler skin of little ones.

The natural goodness of turmeric oil, oat oil and olive oil ensure healthy looking and radiant skin.

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